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Jaffna District

Annual Report 2012

St. John Ambulance Service was Inaugurated in the Jaffna District in the Year 1930 and extended its activities to various parts in the Jaffna District up to 2012. Till 1995, we continued the First Aid Training Service and First Aid Post Service only. We used the Three Wheel Cycle Rickshaws as an ambulance during the abnormal situation in Jaffna from 1990 to 1995. During this time we were unable to get fuel and other assistance from anywhere in the Jaffna District. We started the Patient Care Service in 2000, and the Ambulance Service in 25.03.2005, and (ambulance bearing No. WP/JT/1097 was provided by the Direct Relief International U.S through NHQ). The Hospital Volunteers Service in 2006 and the Home Nursing service in 2011 were also provided. There has been no training Centre in Jaffna for a Long time. This was fullfilled by JOHANNITER Organization on 03.12.2009.

Further, an additional Ambulance, bearing No. WP/LW/0022 was provided on 23.01.2010 by Johanniter through NHQ. It should be mentioned that, Students, Teachers of various schools, Members of the Public, Government Officers, Staff of Non Governmental Organizations and Employees of the Private Sectors were given First Aid Training during this year in the Jaffna District. During the year 2012, 683 Persons including Students of Various Schools and Members of Corps Divisions of Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Vavuniya Districts were benefitted by First Aid Training including 25 Kitty students also benefitted by this. First Aid awareness programmes were held for 852 persons in the backward areas in 2012. 33 divisions of Schools and Corps were registered in the N.H.Q in 2012. There are about 1658members are functioning as volunteers in the St.John Ambulance of Jaffna District.

First Aid treatment was given by errecting the First Aid posts during special Festivals of Temples, Churches, and sports events of school divisions. For the patients who had been separated from their relatives by displacement due to the abnormal situation and patients who had their kith and kin in foreign countries and in other districts, a patient’s care service was maintained by the St. John Ambulance of Jaffna District in the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. During 2012 we had taken care of 23420 patients who required our assistance during day and night. Out of these patients 727 could not get our services. Fifty two Patient care volunteers and fifty six patient care by-standers are presently serving at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

There are two ambulances in service in the Jaffna District. Five ambulance drivers are in service and two of them are temporary drivers for Colombo Ambulance service. St. John Ambulance is the non Governmental organization in Jaffna which provides 24 hours Ambulance Service for the patients by which the St. John Ambulance has undergone a heavy loss. Yet it has been continuing the service on humanitarian basis. Private hospitals in the Jaffna District also make use of our Ambulance Service to transfer patients. In 2012, 1704 patients benefitted by the ambulance No. WP/JT/1097 and 605 patients by the ambulance No. WP/LW/0022. The contact number for Ambulance Service is 0213214444.

There are five ambulance drivers in service and there are six office volunteers in our Office. There are hundred and twenty five volunteers serving at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital to manage the shortage of the minor staff. Further there are 52 patient care volunteers and 56 patient cares by-standers in service. As such totally there are 244 volunteers in service daily in the Jaffna St. John Ambulance. Therefore in the whole world, Jaffna St. John ambulance is the only organization of St. John Ambulance which has the highest number of service providers.

By the service of the Jaffna District St. John Ambulance total beneficiaries are 28191. Further we have opened a website to get information of the Jaffna St. John Ambulance and that is St. John ambulance

We have opened up a set of Band Music group especially from among the hospital volunteers to Keep up their mind healthy.

The St. John Ambulance also provides a special trained (Kitty) unit to protect the children being abused.

Having learnt during the recent past from various news papers and Journals regarding the drug abuse excessivly we, with the funding help of FONGODA organization, have been maintaining a group of persons qualified and trained teachers, public health Inspectors, Journalists and officers from the police to protect the people who have addicted to various drugs etc.

During the abnormal situation that prevailed in the Northern Province, the Jaffna District is also one of the districts badly affected. In this district the services of ambulance, patient care, home nursing, first aid etc. were found to be very inevitable for all the 24 hours. At this crucial time the branches of St.John Ambulance in foreign countries and other Non Government Organizations have not come to give any assistance to this area, the JOHANNITER organization from Germany helped us by establishing a training centre and provided an ambulance vehicle No. WP/LW/0022.

On behalf of the affected people and the people of Northern Province, we express our deep sense of gratitude to the JOHANNITER organization and the Direct Relief International U.S for having provided the ambulance No.WP/JT/1097.

During this period, the high rank officers like the former Chief Commanders of St.John Ambulance Sri Lanka General Hamiltan Wanasinghe, Dr.J.G.Jeyatlake, former Chairmans  of St.John Council Sri Lanka Mr.Moksevi Prelis,  Mr.Rajah Sinnadurai and present Chairman Dr.Palitha Randeniya, present Chief Commander  Dr.D.W.Weerasooriya, present Commissioner Mr.Prasantha Lal de Alwis and Director Training Dr.Sarath Samarage who helped to develop the St.John Ambulance of Jaffna, we, on behalf of the St.John Ambulance  of Jaffna District, express our sincere thanks.

The following assistance are urgently required to the St. John Ambulance, Jaffna District and it expects from the welwishers and donors.

As the Jaffna District is also one of the affected areas, we request to give priority to the following.


First Aid Trainers

There are 14 D.S divisions in the Jaffna District. We have only four First Aid trainers to cover all these 14 divisions. Since there are population 0f 500,000 we need at least 14 First Aid trainers to do the First Aid training well.

Ambulance Vehicle No.WP/JT/1097

This vehicle has run 3,64,450K.M till 31.12.2012. Therefore it has to be got done full mechanical service and tinkering work in the Toyota Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Colombo. It will cost about RS. 500000/= for this mechanical service and tinkering work.

Ambulance Vehicle No.WP/LW/0022

The batteries of the A.E.D machine of this ambulance are damaged and they have to be replaced with new batteries. It will cost about RS 150000/=. The A.E.D Machine is very important while transport the serious conditioned patients to the districts. As this vehicle had run 1,97,036K.M till 31.12.2012, it has to be got done full mechanical service and tinkering work in the Toyota Company(Pvt.) Ltd. Colombo. For this mechanical service and tinkering work, it will cost about RS.500,000/=.



The St .John Ambulance Brigade Jaffna- Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II has been pleased to sanction the under mentioned awards to Jaffna District

In 1985    Mr. E. P. Rasiah O, St. J,   Mrs.Anthoni Saminather, – O, St. J,

Mrs. Ruthira Kandasamy – S. B. St. J,  Dr. R. S. Innasithamby – S. B. St. J

In 1988, Mr. S.Selvaranjan S. B. St. J, Mr. N. Bojan- S. B. St. J

Again in 2000 Mr.S.Selvaranjan O, St. J

Came First in National level competition in 1998 and 2002 won awards in the National Camp.

St. John Ambulance Services:

At the start we were provided our services only in temple festivals and sports activities. With the displacements in 1995 this was changed to serve to those who injured during the abnormal period. As we did not have an ambulance service to transport the injured to hospital we had a three wheel rickshaw to serve the need. During the time of completing 75 years of service in Jaffna we were provided with an ambulance (bearing No WP/JT/1097). This was made possible by the untiring efforts of Commander of National Headquarters Dr. J. G. Jayatillake, and Mr. Moksvi,R. Prelis Chairman St. John Council by Direct Relief International U.S.A on 25.03.2005. Another Ambulance (bearing No WP/LW/0022) was given by johanniter through Commander Dr. Weerasooriya of NHQ on 23.01.2010.

A land wirh a house was bought by Johanniter and was constructed a building for the Training centre. Johniter organization of Germany gave fund for furniture, equipment, training materials etc. and with this help 1535 persons were trained by this center in 2012. The establishment of this center will fulfill the long felt need of the people of the region.

We organized a patient care Service in 2000 to help the people who were left in lurch by the relations, children and kith and kins.

In 2012, Home Nursing Training was started to the educated girls and boys who were interested in the field of Nursing. 46 Students passed out in 2012 by completing this training. The students who have passed out are fully satisfied by these training since they are able to help their family members whenever they are in need of service. This training also provides employment facilities.

I wish St. John Ambulance Brigade Jaffna Distract completing 82 years of service in Sri Lanka to advance further.

                                                                                                                                                S.Selvaranjan, O.ST.J.

District Commissioner



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